Solar PV still going through growing pains

From Cleantech Collective, some state-of-the-industry commentary on the occasion of the Photovoltaic show in Shenzhen, China: The solar photovoltaic market is hitting some bumps right now, with tight polysilicon supplies and lagging support for subsidies, but companies, investors and analysts gathered in Shenzhen, China, believe there are good times ahead for industry.

“Any time that governments get involved with subsidies, creating artificial demand, or whatever you want to call it, there is opportunity for uncertainty,” Jonathan Hoopes, managing director of Greentech Research at ThinkEquity Partners, told Solar took a hit when recently passed energy legislation in the U.S. did not include a renewal of tax credits for the solar industry (see U.S. solar & wind incentives on the way?).

And Germany is working on changes to its feed-in tariff for solar, causing concern in the industry over what is currently one of the biggest photovoltaic markets in the world. “We’re clearly in a period right now of early stage growing pains,” said Hoopes….


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