A source about the private equity business

January 16, 2008

A resource you might want to peruse is Private Equity Hub, a blog that covers a broad spectrum of the private equity business. Their “about us” page says:

Private Equity Hub is an interactive forum for the private equity community, which includes venture capitalists, buyouts professionals, attorneys, bankers, entrepreneurs, MBA candidates studying PE, and assorted hangers-on. Its mission is simple: To help you do your job better, by feeding your head with news and views from/about your peers.

Private Equity Hub — or just peHUB for the cool kids — was launched in November 2006 as an evolution of the PE Week Wire, a daily email publication that has provided private market news and analysis since 2000. It currently serves more than 42,000 readers and has become a must-read for industry professionals. peHub will help Wire users both interact and be exposed to a wider range of ideas.

Both sources are edited by Dan Primack, editor-at-large for Thomson Financial. Primack helped create the PE Week Wire in July 2002, and has served as its editorial voice ever since. Other contributors to the Hub include editors and reporters for Thomson Financial’s other private equity-related news sources, such as Buyouts Magazine (www.buyoutsnews.com), Private Equity Week (www.pewnews.com) and the Venture Capital Journal (www.vcjnews.com).


Department of Energy — a neglected source of information

January 15, 2008

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy portal contains an abundance of tools, information and background for investors in renewable energy. Whether your interest is solar, wind, green buildings, or some related topic, you may find it a valuable starting point. For entrepreneurs in particular, there are a number of programs funded by government research that the DOE is eager to commercialize somehow. U.S. government-funded research, often of extremely high quality, is available for the right company.