Japan follows Europe by tapping offshore wind for power

January 20, 2008

Reuters publishes a story about wind power in Japan: …Wind farms such as the Nunobiki Plateau Wind Farm on a hill north of Tokyo, which generates enough electricity to power some 35,000 homes a year, have failed to make a dent in Japan’s obligations to cut carbon gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. But Japan is now looking towards the sea, following in the footsteps of Europe which is the world’s leader in wind energy, by planning a network of offshore wind farms to tap into the gales of the Pacific Ocean. “It’s worthwhile entering the sector now as offshore technology is at the cutting-edge,” said Mitsutoshi Yamashita, a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry official in charge of promoting wind power.

“Once we obtain the technology needed, the kilowatts are limitless,” he added. Japan hopes that wind power will provide around 0.2 percent of the country’s primary energy supply by March 2011. That figure might rise dramatically if major electric companies follow through with plans to build offshore wind farms near coastal power stations….