Leadership in venture backed companies: going the distance

January 14, 2008

Entrepreneur.com: Venture Capitalists (VCs) report that more than 50% of the time they have to replace the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a venture backed company before the investor exits. This process is often painful for the people involved and disruptive to the fledging enterprise. This paper explores the CEO leadership requirements for venture backed companies through in depth interviews with 10 venture capitalists. Specifically, we look at changing leadership requirements for CEOs in growing venture backed companies and explore whether there are signals that can help both CEOs and venture capitalists who fund their companies avoid being surprised by the need for leadership change. A theory and model for CEO leadership in venture backed companies is proposed….


Follow the leader – CEO leadership

January 14, 2008

B-Net, via the Chief Executive: CEO leadership isn’t just about what you know or what you can do. It’s about who you are and how much you care – about your company and your people.

The route to the top is a funny thing. Early in our executive careers, our efforts are spent learning to master “content,” or areas of expertise, such as finance and operations; it is our ability to do this well that is so critical to our success. We make business decisions from the framework of our content and managerial expertise, and we drive results from this vantage point. These achievements, in turn, earn us coveted spots on top of our organizations’ rosters…