Ranking green commercial space in the US

GreenbuildingsNYC: According to a report that was released last month by the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate at the University of San Diego, Los Angeles is first among U.S. cities when it comes to LEED- or Energy Star-certified commercial office space. The CoStar Group provided the data upon which the report was based and ranked cities by the total amount of their square footage that has earned either the LEED or Energy Star designation; no breakdown appears to be readily available that segregates the figures according to individual rating system.

Los Angeles topped the list with 100 buildings and 26.2 million square feet while Houston checked in at #2 with 46 buildings and 21.1 million square feet. Also in the top five were Washington, D.C. with 61 buildings and 19.8 million square feet, New York City with 11 buildings and 12.3 million square feet, and San Francisco with 30 buildings and 11.9 million square feet. There’s always much more to any set of statistics than initially meets the eye, and the figure that jumps out at us here is the ratio of buildings to square feet. Obviously here in Gotham a fewer overall number of commercial buildings get built to much greater heights and increased density than cities like sprawling Los Angeles or height-capped D.C. Still, it’s interesting to see where the Apple ranks among American cities in terms of sheer square footage, and we’ll be curious to see where Gotham falls on future compilations once projects like 1 Bryant Park (Bank of America), 11 Times Square, and the Greenwich Street towers at the former World Trade Center site are complete.

Early green roof project — the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 16th century engraving by Dutch artist Martin Heemskerck, Wikimedia Commons


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