Wales outlines Renewable Energy Route Map: bioenergy, marine, wind power can meet all electricity needs by 2025

Biopact: An important step on the path to making Wales a low carbon energy economy was taken today when the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Jane Davidson launched the Renewable Energy Route Map. The route map sets out an ambitious programme aimed at transforming the way Wales produces and uses energy as part of the Welsh Assembly Government’s commitment to tackling climate change.

Policy makers believe that with Wales’ coastline, geography and climate, it is quite feasible for the nation within 20 years to produce more electricity from renewables than it consumes as a nation.

With sufficient innovation and investment, the right Government framework and public support, Wales could produce some 33TWhr per year of electricity (its current consumption is around 24 TWhr) from renewable sources. The potential for 2025 looks as follows:

  • marine power (wave, tidal stream, tidal range): up to 14TWh of electricity
  • wind (both on and offshore): up to 10 TWh of electricity
  • bioenergy from biomass and waste: 7.7 TWh of electricity and 2.4 TWh of heat

If Wales were to achieve this, then not only could its electricity needs be met entirely from low carbon energy sources but it would also contribute significantly to the UK’s energy security objectives….


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