Nanotechnology Research Roundtable in Boston Friday, Feb. 15

Nanotechnology Now contained a report about a February 15 press event with four of America’s foremost nanotechnology experts. The goal was a wide-ranging discussion about using the technology to more effectively treat patients and to better produce and secure energy. Also, an entrepreneur will share his company’s experience taking nanotechnology from the lab to the marketplace, and all participants will discuss the role of the federal government in supporting nanotechnology research through the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) and its member agencies.

The speakers included Rick Hess, president and chief executive officer of Lowell, Massachusetts-based Konarka Technologies Inc., a leading developer of products that provide a source of renewable power in a variety of forms for commercial, industrial, government and consumer applications. Mr. Hess discussed how Konarka works at the intersection of energy, nanotechnology, and printed electronics to print light absorbing nanomaterials that generate electricity on plastic films. He described the origin of the technology and the challenges faced in bringing the technology to a product that can be manufactured in high volume for the solar energy market.


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