The wind at Germany’s back

An article in Business Week focuses on the role that astute energy regulations and incentives have played in fostering Germany’s leadership in alternative energy. The quotes Anton Milner, CEO of Q-Cells, as saying, “The industry is still in its warm-up phase.” The article also states: …Thanks to smart regulation, Germany has become a global powerhouse in green energy, producing more electricity from wind than any other country. While the industry owes some of its success to German expertise in fields such as aerodynamics, the biggest boost has come from the government. The nation’s energy law guarantees operators of windmills and solar generators an above-market price for power for as long as 20 years. Other countries have similar policies, but few have applied them as consistently as Germany. “The crucial point,” says Paul Buchwitz, a Deutsche Bank (DB) fund manager who focuses on renewable energy, is “you know how much you will get in advance.”


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