UK school installs solar panels A school in Wigan has become a shining example of how to harness renewable energy. Fred Longworth High School in Tyldesley has installed £20,000 worth of solar panels.

The 24 photovoltaic panels should generate around 3,300 kWh of electricity each year – enough to power a school computer for 33,000 hours or to make 180,000 cups of tea – saving around two tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Students can keep track of how much renewable energy the panels are generating and the amount of carbon dioxide they have saved by checking a monitor in the school building.
The 1,300-student school is one of 100 across the UK chosen to receive the panels. Head teacher Tony Colley said: “We are very proud to be chosen for this important initiative.
“We are already working hard to reduce the school’s carbon footprint with a raft of green initiatives.

Switching on these solar panels will instantly boost our efforts while sending out a strong message about our commitment to helping the environment.” Year 11 student Tim Jones added: “We are increasingly aware of the need for green alternative fuels and this is a really good example of what can be done.”

The panels are half-funded by The Co-operative Group’s £1m Green Energy for Schools scheme, with matching-funding from the Government’s Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP).
Schools were nominated for the project by Co-operative staff and members along with SolarCentury, which erects the panels. The premises were then assessed for their suitability.


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