DWS Scudder’s Climate Change Fund

DWS Scudder is promoting its new Climate Change Fund with fanfare in Beverly Hills. From PRInside.com: … DWS Climate Change Fund invests in three major themes:

(1) Clean technologies, energy efficiency and environmental management – includes alternative energy stocks, investments in bio-fuels, solar, wind and other emerging technologies that will be essential in responding to the challenges of climate change.

(2) Energy efficiency – includes companies that seek to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices through energy efficient products or technology, such as efficient insulation and lighting.

(3) Environmental management or adaptation – includes companies whose products and services are targeted at dealing with damage to the environment that may already be done or irreversible. E.g. waste management, reconstruction and environmental consulting.

DWS Climate Change Fund is issued by DWS Scudder Distributors, Inc. Class A, C, S, and Institutional shares will be offered through financial advisors and institutions. The Fund’s investment manager is Deutsche Asset Management Americas.


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