BioSolar’s backsheet material passes first major test

ImagePVTech: BioSolar has said that its backsheet material developed from renewable plant sources has passed the UL testing protocol 1703, Damp Heat Test, which subjects the material to 1000 hours at 85 degrees and 85% humidity. The test was successfully completed on January 16, 2008, the company said….

The company also said that PV module collaborator, SBM Solar, is in the final process of obtaining UL certification for their all-polymer packaged PV module. SBM is expected to submit additional modules to Underwriters Laboratories for UL approval, changing their standard backsheet material to BioSolar’s bio-based backsheet in an effort to speed up the eventual market introduction of the products.

“UL approval is an extremely demanding process,” said Dr. David Lee, BioSolar’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “It can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain UL approval for a photovoltaic module. Our ‘fast track’ process is expected to dramatically shorten the time it takes for the first solar module maker, our partner SBM Solar, to obtain UL approval with our backsheet.”


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