The Worldwatch Institute has produced excellent work for decades. But don’t let familiarity prevent you from picking up their latest “State of the World” report. From Environment News Service: Concern about environmental degradation is beginning to impact the global economy, according to a new report by an international environmental research group. The Worldwatch Institute details a lengthy and distressing list of environmental problems caused by the global economic system, but finds some evidence that the world is taking small steps toward a sustainable future.

“There are early signs that a vibrant, new sustainable economy is just beginning to be created,” Worldwatch president Christopher Flavin told reporters Wednesday at the launch of the organization’s annual “State of the World” report. The report details how the conventional economic system is inherently self-destructive, failing to take into account the damage done to the environment by a wide range of human activities that create wealth. But it suggests that is beginning to change….

You can order the report directly from Worldwatch.


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