Is nano+solar just a fad? Some recent news stories

DJ DGAP-News: Dyesol Limited:Market update

Finanztreff, Germany – 52 minutes ago
Independent forecaster Paul Maycock has identified 12 companies in the dye, nano and organic solar cell sector expected to bring solar panels to the market
Plan for sun power from photovoltaic arrays in Southwest to end
Chicago Tribune, United States – 3 hours ago
Mason directs the Solar Energy Campaign and the Hydrogen Research Institute, based in Farmingdale, NY Fthenakis heads the photovoltaic environmental
Solar power shines
The Patriot-News –, PA – Jan 12, 2008
The knock against solar energy has been that it costs too much and isn’t competitive with conventional sources of energy. But according to Nanosolar,
Combo of two nanotech approaches may provide more efficient solar
Nanotechnology and Development News, DC – Jan 10, 2008
According to Zhang, the nanocomposite material could potentially also be used to create photoelectrochemical cells that use solar energy to split water and

Looking Into the Future At The World Science Forum; Poetry And
Scientific American – Jan 10, 2008
For instance, we can obtain systems to better convert materials, to better convert directly solar energy into electricity or we could obtain materials that


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