3TIER debuts web-based Firstlook Solar Assessment

Alternative Energy Retailer: Seattle-based 3TIER has launched Firstlook Solar Assessment, a Web-based tool designed to make it faster and easier for developers to locate potential solar project sites in North America. Highlights of Firstlook Solar include:

  • The data set based on satellite observations at a 10 km resolution over the contiguous U.S. This data set is part of the National Solar Radiation Data Base developed and distributed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • The online tool gives users a free, instantaneous value for the annual average direct normal, global horizontal and diffuse irradiance.
  • The Firstlook Solar Assessment report gives users the values for monthly solar irradiance, diurnal variability and hourly distribution information as well as a data file with the complete hourly time series of global horizontal, direct and diffuse irradiance values for the period 1998-2005. The solar zenith and azimuth angles to each hourly value are also included to facilitate further analysis.

“Before Firstlook, solar developers and consultants had to spend considerable time and money on technical experts capable of wading through and interpreting volumes of data regarding potential solar energy sites,” says Kenneth Westrick, founder and CEO of 3TIER. “Firstlook Solar eliminates that costly first step. This powerful and innovative tool delivers technical information straight to the user through an easy-to-use Web interface. Now anyone can use this assessment tool and receive a thorough, cost-effective power resource report delivered to a laptop within minutes.”


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